darkos painting and kitties 1 cropped

A Painting To Call My Very Own

Today was a very exciting day because a special parcel that I’ve been waiting for arrived all the way from Spain…

A watercolour original of me!

Earlier this year, artist Nelly from Art In My Attic picked me to paint and of course my humans just had to have it when it was finished.

Here’s me with my new painting. What do you think? Can you see the resemblance?

darkos painting 3

I was too tired to sit up properly after being at doggie daycare all day but Mom will most likely take a few more photos when she gets a frame for it so I’ll sit the way I am in the painting next time.

My kitty siblings, being the nosy kitties that they are, had to come check out the new arrival and give it a thorough sniff. Especially Frenzy.

darkos painting and frenzy collage

Inspector Frenzy to the scene. “What do you have here, Darko? And where is mine?”

darkos painting and frenzy

I think my kitties like it because they sure spent a long time looking at it and sniffing every inch.

darkos painting and kitties 1

I have a feeling that Deunan and Frenzy may be wanting their own paintings in the future. They seemed a little jealous. BOL!

darkos painting 2

“Darko” – Watercolour Original by Nelly of Art In My Attic

darkos painting 1

Isn’t it pawsome? I love it and am one honoured pup to be chosen for a portrait! ***proud wiggles*** Thank you so much Nelly!

(Below) Can you tell who is just out of the picture? I’ll give you a hint: I always have to keep one eye on him…

darkos painting 4

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