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How To Be A Helpful Kitty

Have you ever had the urge to lend a paw but wasn’t quite sure how to go about it? Are you searching for the purrfect way to assist your human that they’d appreciated and be extremely grateful for?

Well look no further, my fellow trouble-makers. I have the answers you seek. ***mischievous purrs***

The first rule to being a helpful kitty is Thoroughly Inspect Every New Thing That Enters Your House.

We don’t want our humans getting in to something they shouldn’t so to help prevent that you must take it upon yourself to be the first to check out anything new that invades your territory. This is a very important task so make sure to do it well.

Sniff it, climb in it, roll in it, play with it, chew on it and eventually sleep on it. Once the new object passes inspection you can let your human continue with whatever it was doing before you intervened and saved them from a potentially devastating situation.

For example, this is how I helped Mom yesterday. She had to draw some tickets for these doggie prizes her work was giving away for a show they did last weekend so I made sure they were well shuffled before I let her get started.

Freanzy playing in draw tickets collage 1

After I dumped the tickets all over the floor and completed my thorough investigation, Mom put them all back in the box. I helped with that too by catching them as she’d toss them in. It was fun and Mom said I was a great help! MOL!

Freanzy playing in draw tickets collage 2

The second rule to being a helpful kitty is Always Supervise Your Human

Don’t let your human fool you. They may want you to believe they are independent but the truth is that they need our assistance for almost everything and since they are such unpredictable creatures they require our supervision at all times.

Besides, we don’t want our humans doing anything fun and exciting without us, right? One never knows what a human may have up their sleeve. It could be treats, a toy, the laser pointer, catnip, tuna, a string, your leash and harness… You just don’t know, so keep a close eye on your human to make sure you don’t miss out on anything.

The best way to do this is to follow them around constantly and make sure to be in the way whenever possible.

And don’t let it concern you when your human tells you to leave them alone. They’re just saying that to make them feel independent but we know the truth, don’t we? ***wink wink*** Not only do they need us but they also secretly enjoy all the attention.

The third rule to being a helpful kitty is Alert Your Human To Anything Out Of The Ordinary

And when I say anything I mean ANYTHING! A toy you lost under the couch, a hair tie you lost under the piano, a piece of food that fell beneath the stove, an imaginary sound that you thought you heard coming from behind the fridge… Anything.

Our humans don’t have the best hearing or smell so it is up to us to hunt down and alert them of these things. Don’t be quiet about it either. Voice your concerns.

One of my favourite things to do is to stare behind the fridge, under the stove or behind one of the bookshelves and twitch my tail vigorously. It usually takes a few minutes for my humans to notice (if they take too long I start chirping and meowing) but once they do the search begins.

They pull out the flashlight and look behind and under the object I’m staring at, then when they still find nothing sometimes they’ll go through the trouble of pulling the object away from the wall so they can have an even better look.

Usually it’s nothing because I just like messing with my humans but from time to time they’ll discover a random object or a piece of kibble making it worth the trouble.

Freanzy playing in draw tickets collage 3

The fourth rule which is the last and most important is Comfort Your Human At All Times No-Matter How Awkward It Makes It For Them To Do Whatever It Is They Are Doing

Humans crave attention. In fact, they practically live off attention which means that if they don’t get their attention quota for the day things might get a little scary. So with that said, this is a very important part of our job.

Always snuggle your human, even if it means you have to lie on top of what they are doing. Humans need to feel loved and so giving them force snuggles throughout the day is required to keep them happy and content.

Climb on your human’s lap and squeeze in wherever you will fit. On top of the laptop keyboard, the book they’re reading, in the boot they were about to put on, inside the drawer they just opened… Anything that will force your human to pay attention to you.

And remember, you do this ALL for them. Don’t let your human tell you otherwise. If it wasn’t for you, your human would get in to trouble and be grumpy and miserable on a daily basis and we don’t want that, do we?

I hope you take my advice to heart and apply it to your every day routine. ***mischievous purrs***

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