Outside March 3 2014 Frenzy 2

The Melt Is On!

The snow that was dumped on us last week is finally melting away, and melting fast! Hopefully it will all be gone in another day or two. ***paws crossed***

Today was really nice so our humans took my kitties and I outside for some fun in the backyard, but it was mostly thanks to Frenzy that we did so. Here’s what happened…

Mom was sitting in the den doing some work stuff on her mechanical device when Frenzy came walking in to the room carrying his striped sweater. He dropped it on the floor, looked at Mom then proceeded to nudge it as if he was trying to put it on. Mom was very surprised and started laughing.

You see, Frenzy had a sore on his chest a few weeks ago and so he had to wear a shirt for a while until it went away and he despised every minute of it. But I guess it was only because he was forced to wear it.

Today, he decided that he wanted it on and carried it all the way from the bedroom (it was in the big dresser on one of the top shelves so it’s not like it was easy to get to or anything), down the hallway and in to the den where our humans were.

After Mom finally stopped laughing and shaking her head in disbelief she realized that maybe Frenzy thought if he wore his sweater he could go outside so not long after all four of us went out for an adventure.

And Frenzy wore his sweater for several hours afterwards. He didn’t take it off until he wanted to groom himself.

Isn’t that silly of Frenzy? He has never done anything like that before but whatever it takes to get outside, I guess. BOL!

The kitties and I had a great time in the backyard and Ravage and Deunan stayed outside for longer than usual too. I think they are quite happy that the snow is melting.

Ravage ate snow and stalked Frenzy’s leash for most of the time he was outside. He likes pretending he’s a big fluffy black panther. He also chewed on a few sticks and followed Dad around for a bit. 

Outside March 3 2014 collage Ravage

When Deunan got outside she headed straight to the first pile of snow she saw and began eating it. Then, when she had her fill she went and sat by the door to be let back inside. She’s such a silly girl sometimes. BOL!

Outside March 3 2014 collage Deunan

Frenzy, of course, did his usual exploring until he was forced to return indoors. He was in a really good mood though and even listened to Mom when he went to go under the gate and she told him no. Mom was quite impressed. Good job, Frenzy!

Outside March 3 2014 collage Frenzy

Frenzy doing his rounds in the backyard.

Outside March 3 2014 collage Frenzy 2

I tossed my tennis ball around for a while then tried to get Frenzy to play with me but he was too preoccupied with his exploring so I decided to nibble on the bamboo instead.

Outside March 3 2014 collage Darko

After our adventure I had a long nap.

… ZzzzZZz … zzZzzzzzZZ … Zzzzzz …

Outside March 3 2014 Darko

And Frenzy had another read over his latest blog post. He has a bit of an ego, that guy. But I guess most Decepticons do, don’t they? BOL!

Outside March 3 2014 Frenzy

It was a pawsome afternoon.

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