My Namesake – Frenzy

Yes, it’s true… as many of you may have heard, I am a Decepticon. My birth name was “Alpha” and my rescue name was “Zoom-Zoom”, both of which describe me pretty well, but “Frenzy” suits me best.


Why, you ask? Well here’s a description of the Decepticon Frenzy from Transformers Wiki. Read on and see how familiar it sounds… ***mischievous purrs***

For Frenzy it’s not about any “Decepticon cause,” it’s not about any quantifiable cause, or goal, or purpose at all. It’s about violence, fear, destruction, and mayhem. Frenzy lives to fight… Despite his small stature he’ll lead a charge into battle against robots many times his size, screaming for destruction with every microchip of his being. This single-minded obsession makes him a hard bot to associate with personally…

Frenzy’s manic attack style and his “battle cry” (a sonic attack produced by special drums in his torso that can severely disrupt electrical flows, resulting in all sorts of mechanical malfunctions and balance issues) make him difficult to get close to…

My weakness? Like my robot counterpart, I am lost without my mom- I mean master! When she is gone for too long, I end up pacing around the house, crying uncontrollably. Luckily for me (and the other kitties, and the neighbors), mom doesn’t go away for a long time very often.


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