Ravage Darko

Ravage And Me

As most of you already know, Ravage is my big kitty brother and is the coolest cat ever. We love to snuggle, wrestle, race around the house together, chew on each other and play silly games together. And most of the time Ravage is the one who starts it. BOL!

Here, I was minding my own business having a nap on my chair when Ravage walked by and decided he wanted attention. And when Ravage decides he wants attention he demands it. I’ll usually give in and play with him or nibble on his fur after he tackles me a few times. He’s such a silly guy.

Ravage Darko collage 1

After Ravage chewed and drooled on me for a few minutes I gave in and got off my chair.

Ravage Darko collage 2

Then Ravage cleaned my legs and my paws for me.

Ravage Darko collage 3

And once he finished that he cleaned my face.

Ravage Darko collage 4

I love my big bro. He is pawsome!

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