Feb 28 2014

That White Stuff Is Still Here

There is still a lot of snow around my place that has yet to melt. I’ve been eating it hoping that it would go away faster but it seems I can barely make even a dent in my own backyard let alone the rest of the neighbourhood. Oh well. I’ll keep trying.

Meanwhile, I’ve been enjoying the snow. One of my latest things to do in the snow is roll in it. I usually take a few minutes picking the perfect spot and once I’ve found it I roll. BOL!

collage Feb 28 2014 -1

There was several geese out on the water at the park this morning. I watched them for a while trying hard not to be jealous but that’s almost impossible for a water dog like me. Of course I was jealous!

collage Feb 28 2014 -2

Hopefully all this snow goes away soon and the sun comes back so I can spend hours at the beach swimming and splashing in the ocean. ***dreamy sigh***

collage Feb 28 2014 -3

I guess I’ll just have to keep eating the white fluffy snow and peeing on the rest until it all goes away.

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