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Dreaming Of Summer

I love summer. It is my most favourite season of the year. My humans take me for adventures at the river and the beach all the time and it is pawsome!

I was scared of water at first but after my humans helped me learn how to swim I became addicted to water and will jump in any form of it as long as it does not contain soap. ***wink wink***

Dreaming of summer 4

I love to fetch.

Sticks, toys, balls, rocks.. You throw it in the water and I will retrieve it for you. No questions asked. One would almost think I was a Lab… BOL!

Dreaming of summer collage 1

I also love to run along the beach with the wind ripping through my fur and the water splashing up in my face. It is amazing.

Dreaming of summer 2

Dreaming of summer 5

One of my favourite water activities is making big splashes while racing through the waves. My humans like to call me the Splash King.

Dreaming of summer collage 2

What do you think? Do I make a good splash?

Dreaming of summer 3

Me and my stick taking a break (below).¬†We only ever need a few minutes and once I’ve caught my breath I give one of my humans my stick and we continue our game of fetch. I can play this game for hours if my humans let me.

Dreaming of summer 1

Sometimes we’ll see some wildlife like the heron we saw during this particular beach trip. This heron flew away once I started splashing around in the water. I guess he didn’t like all the noise I was making.

Dreaming of summer collage heron

I miss summer and hope that it returns soon so I can spend my days at the beach again. ***wishful reminiscing sigh***

But until it does, I will continue dreaming of summer.

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