A Rude Awakening

Today began with quite the jolt for me. I was sleeping soundly on my big human bed with Dad when suddenly I heard Mom’s voice from the living room.

“Darko, there’s bunnies in the yard” she called quietly from the other side of the house.

Mom claims she was testing my hearing but I’m not so sure. I think she just wanted to get me back for how I woke her up yesterday. I do admit, it was quite the rude awakening. Anyway, back to me sleeping soundly…

When Mom said the word “bunnies” I immediately woke up and leaped out of bed. I raced to the living room as fast as my sleepy legs would let me, squinting and shaking my head in attempts to wake myself up.

On my way to the living room I slipped in the hallway and almost did a face-plant, but managed to recover fast enough to avoid that embarrassment. Then as I turned in to the living room I tripped over two of my toys, the second sending me stumbling on to one of my beds making me almost lose my balance. But even half asleep I somehow regained control and ran up to where Mom was standing. And that’s when I lost any remaining dignity I had left as I crashed ever so gracefully in to the wall below the window in front of Mom.

Needless to say, by the time I got up from the crash, shook my head and looked out the window all the bunnies that had been in the front yard were long gone. At my house, we call that “pulling a Ravage” because he is usually the klutz of the family. Not today though. BOL!

And that’s how I woke up this morning. A rude awakening, indeed.

(Below) Me watching for bunnies.

Darko bunny watching 1

Deunan and Frenzy watching for bunnies.

Deunan and Frenzy bunny watching

Waiting for the bunnies to come back. Can you see my eye-boogers? Yep. Like I said, I literally leaped out of bed from a deep sleep. At least I’m mostly awake in this photo. BOL!


After breakfast and more bunny watching the sky stopped raining and the sun came out so the kitties decided they all wanted to go outside and started the “Let Us OUT” routine.

kitties wanting outside

Ravage waiting patiently by the door.


Deunan waiting patiently by the door, purring loudly.


Frenzy was the only one who did not (and never EVER does) wait patiently and the entire time he was meowing loudly and twitching his tail. When Frenzy wants something he can be VERY demanding and makes sure to vocalize how he feels every few seconds.

kitties waiting to go outside

This is how we tell our humans we want outside. We all wait by the back door. BOL!

kitties and Darko waiting to go outside

But the kitties didn’t get their wish today because my blood brother Logan came over for a play date and my kitties don’t like to go outside when he’s over. Logan and I are always really crazy when we get together and make a LOT of noise as we wrestle and race around the house. My kitties don’t like “loud” so they all went to bed instead.

(Below) Logan and I playing with my toys in the sun. It was extra warm today. Almost felt like summer…

Darko and Logan

A big happy smile from my blood brother Logan X.


Me and two of my favourite toys. Can you see the second one?


Logan and I LOVE to wrestle! This is the only photo from today though because Mom took a short video instead so visit my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/DarkoTheCanaanDog if you’d like to see it. Just click on the link. The video is titled “Wrestle Time!”

Darko Logan wrestling outside

If Logan and I weren’t wrestling, we were playing with my toys. See where I am in the photo below? Sometimes the toys fall off the deck and so I have to retrieve them before they roll underneath. Once in a while this will require the aid of a human but usually I can get them out before that becomes necessary. When I’m bored, however, I’ll drop them down there on purpose just to give myself a challenge. BOL! Yep, I’m weird.

Darko and Logan outside

After Logan and I had a few hours of wrestling and playing with my toys we were ready to go on a walk…

Darko Logan big nose

… So we took my humans to one of my favourite walk spots.

Darko Logan 1

Logan and I had a blast! We zoomed back and forth through the park wrestling and play growling, ran down to the water and dipped our paws for a moment then raced around the park some more. And we did that over, and over, and over… It was pawsome!

In-between all our crazy spurts I found a stick I really wanted down at the water but it was attached to something too big for me to pull out. I tried a few times but it was a stubborn little stick and refused to budge. After several attempts I gave up and went back to playing with my brother.

Darko 1

(Below) Heading to my message posts. There’s usually a lot of messages waiting for me on these ones.

Darko 2

Logan sniffed around the message posts and found a few that he was interested in too.

Logan 1

Then we went back down to the water. Logan and I are both crazy water dogs but my humans told us “no swimming” so we only dipped our paws.

Darko Logan 2

(Below) Having one last look at the water. We really wanted to go swimming.

Darko Logan 3

“Are you sure we can’t go for a quick dip? We’ll shake all the water off afterwards. Promise.”

Darko Logan 5

Making our way back home. No swimming on this walk. Maybe next time we’ll be allowed.

Darko 3

When Logan and I arrived back at my house we continued playing with my toys and wrestling until his humans arrived to take him home. I was a little sad to see him go, but on the other paw it’s probably a good thing because dawg, am I tired! Besides, I’ll see him again soon enough.

But right now I think I’m going to go crash on my bed. This Canaan Mutt is one tired pup! And I also need to claim my pillow before my humans decide it’s bedtime. BOL! Goodnight!

Just Another Day

Today started out unlike most days. Mom slept in and when I say “slept in” I mean REALLY slept in. The kitties, Dad and I all tried to wake her up but nothing worked. She was exhausted and just kept sleeping so I curled up beside her to keep her company.

A few hours later, not long before lunch time there was a knock on our door and I went straight in to “protect Mom” mode. I leaped up, stood over her and started barking as loud as I could with my big scary dog bark. I didn’t bark for long because I heard the voice of one of my human Uncles and got all excited but I didn’t need to bark lots to wake Mom up. She was awake within seconds. Why didn’t I think of that sooner? At least now I know for next time… BOL!

Once Mom finally woke up it was time for the fun to begin. I brought out all of my toys and was super silly, prancing around the house and throwing them around. Mom and I played my favourite wrestling game with Frog and then we played some tug and tennis ball too. It was pawsome!

Darko toys silly

Darko toys more silly

Frenzy and Ravage being lazy on the kitty tower.

Frenzy and Ravage on kitty tower

Frenzy being silly for the camera.

Frenzy on kitty tower

“AAAAAAAAAA!!! An evil gremlin!”

Oh.. it’s Frenzy.

Frenzy eyeballs

Deunan watching the birds and the bunnies at the front window.

Deunan at window

Me and my toys hanging out on one of my beds.

Darko toys

Mr. Cool Dude Ravage chillin’ by the fireplace.

Ravage by fireplace


***Ahem*** Right, it’s Frenzy.

Sorry, his face just freaks me out sometimes. Usually when we’re this close there’s a paw not far behind aimed for me.

Frenzy face

Deunan purring loudly while following our humans around.

Deunan on bed

After our late morning fun, Mom, Dad and I took my friend Marley with us for an afternoon walk and we went to the beach and back. It decided to rain on us but we didn’t mind and had a great time. There was a lot of messages for Marley and me and we made sure to sniff and reply to all of them. BOL!

Darko and Marley March 20 2014

After my big walk with Marley I came home and had a long nap.

And it looks like Frenzy was having a good snooze while we were gone. Look at that sleepy face? BOL! He’s a pretty cool guy… Most of the time. When he wants to be. But that’s “catitude” for you, isn’t it!

Frenzy on air chair

I’m A Tortie

You’ve probably already guessed, but I’m a Tortoiseshell Cat or “Tortie” for short. We are almost always female and have quite the personalities and colour combinations.

Did you know that felines of my colouration are believed to bring good luck in the folklore of many human cultures? In the United States we are sometimes referred to as money cats. See Tortoiseshell Cat – Wikipedia for more interesting facts about my kind.

Deunan 4

“Tortitude” – from The Conscious Cat

I am a Tortie from nose to tail, personality and all. How well do you know me? Go read the article and tell me what my main Tortie traits are.

Deunan 1Deunan 2Deunan 3

The Norwegian Forest Cat

This may come as a shock to you but I am adopted.

Yes, you heard me right. My Mom and Dad are not my real “mom” and “dad” so needless to say I don’t know who my real parents are.

I am a Decepticon, yes, but I have also been told I am a Norwegian Forest Cat and when I read about the breed it was like looking in to a mirror. My humans might be right after all…

Ravage cat 1

What do you think? Do I look and act like one of them? Go read the articles linked below and tell me what you think.

Norwegian Forest Cat – The Cat Fanciers Association

Norwegian Forest Cat – Wikipedia

20131123_143850Ravage cat 2

Who Let The Cats Out…?

Do you know what happens at my house when the sun comes out? My kitties decide that they are going outside and begin the “Let Us OUT” routine.

It usually starts with Frenzy crying at the door or the window while Ravage paces back and forth throughout the house. While the Cons are doing their thing, Deunan chums up to Mom or Dad purring and meowing at them while following them around and weaving between their legs. This strategy does work on our humans. Not all the time, but more often than not.

Like today, for example, it worked. As soon as Mom arrived home from work the kitties got up and went and sat by the back door. I – being the helpful little brother that I am – leashed them all up and we went outside for a little adventure. Okay, okay, Mom leashed them up for me but I still took them outside and watched over them while they explored and enjoyed their adventure time.

Ravage 1

Ravage waiting for one of our humans to “untangle” him because he  thinks he is stuck (but he’s not).

Frenzy 1

Frenzy licking his lips after chewing on some delicious grass, leaves and twigs.

Deunan 1

Deunan enjoying a sunbeam. Sometimes this is all she wants to do. Sit outside in the fresh air and enjoy the sun.

Darko 1

My favourite thing to do in the backyard? Play with all my broken tennis balls. They are the most fun when they have the outside layer partially peeled. That way you can hold the end of the felt stuff and shake it and toss it around. BOL! It’s a fun game!

See the top picture below? Ravage, Frenzy and I are all playing with the same stick. I’m chewing on it and they are batting at it and chewing on it too. Us boys are silly.

Darko kitties collage

Ravage doing his best “What you lookin’ at!” face.

Ravage 2

Ravage getting ready to attack a floating stick…

Ravage 3


***leaps up and grabs the stick***

“The weak Autobot stick is no match for the powerful Decepticon. Ravage has won this battle.”

Ravage collage

(Below) Frenzy and I sniffing around. Something was here the other night… It smells funny. Could it be bunnies?

Darko Frenzy

Frenzy being mouthy and meowing off to our humans. He’s a cheeky kitty sometimes. Well, actually, most of the time – I mean all the time.

Frenzy 2

Frenzy loves exploring the great outdoors. It’s his most favourite thing to do besides chasing the laser pointer.

Frenzy collage

Ravage enjoying a good chew on a nice yummy stick.


Ravage 4

We were outside for quite a while before our humans made us return to the house. It was a grand adventure and we had a pawsome time!

Deunan Ravage collage

So who let the cats out, you ask? Well, it doesn’t really matter anymore, does it? And yes, I’m still wearing my St. Patty’s Day bandanna. BOL! I like my bandanna.

Darko 2

I Met A Starfish Today

This weekend was full of clouds and rain so when the sun came out yesterday afternoon (Sunday, March 23rd) my humans and I jumped in the car and drove to the beach.

We picked this beach because the tide was going out which means there would most likely be starfish and other sea critters, and Mom loves starfish.

Darko 1-1

After we went for a nice walk we made our way down to the shore. I started rock hunting and Mom began to look for starfish.

Darko collage 1

We saw a lot of wildlife on this adventure including three seals that my humans were unable to snap a photo of. They were quite a ways away and bobbing in and out of the water so by the time we made it to a good spot they were gone.

Darko 2

Scouting the shoreline for the perfect rock. I can be quite picky when I’m rock hunting.

Darko 3

“I’m not finding the right rocks so how about you throw something for me to fetch?”

Darko collage 2-4

It’s nesting season for the big birds so there was a lot of geese at the beach today. They were very loud and would fly over us honking and making a big fuss as they headed to the water. Luckily for my humans and I we didn’t get pooped on. I don’t like poop. I do like to roll in stinky stuff but I do not like poop at all. Not even for rolling.

Darko 4

Searching for more rocks.

“Maybe I’ll have better luck over here…”

Darko collage 3

Still nothing. This rock hunt isn’t working out as I had planned. Moving on to the next spot…

Darko collage 4

And then I met a starfish. We named it Starro.

I sniffed it a few times but wasn’t sure what it was or what I was supposed to do. It was rough and slimy and so after a few more sniffs I backed out of the way and let Mom take her pictures.

Darko 5

Once we found Starro, we found lots more. We called them Starro’s minions and WOW was there ever lots! They were everywhere! Mostly purple but we saw a few red and pink ones and a baby green one as well as a bunch of tiny little crabs.

starfish collage 1starfish collage 2starfish collage 3starfish collage 4

Did you see the little crab and the baby green Starro minion? They were soooooo tiny!

We found several Starro minions that had been abandoned along the shore when the tide went out. Some of them we couldn’t throw back in the water because they were attached to big rocks so my humans made them rock forts to protect them from the sun and hopefully from the wildlife that likes to eat them (like the seagulls and crows).

There was one that was on the sand and only attached to seaweed so Mom walked it to the water and we threw it in. I escorted them, of course, and made sure to give it a good sniff.

starfish collage 5

Then we carried on the the little islands at this beach. When the tide is low you can walk all the way out to them so we did.

Can you see the geese and I in the top picture below? They didn’t seem to mind me wading around in the water.

Darko collage 5

“Where to next, my humans?”

Darko 6

On our way to the little islands a heron flew past and Mom actually managed to get some photos of it flying.

heron collage

Can you see it in the two photos above?

heron collage 2

The heron landed and began fishing. We didn’t see it catch anything but it was still there when we left the beach.


Once we got to the first island we had a short break and I found a nice stick to chew on.


Darko 7

Then we continued on around the little islands.

Darko 9

And yes, I practiced my agility skills again. A dog’s gotta keep in shape, right?

Darko 8

See the photos below? Dad went to walk up that cliff when he heard this growling noise and guess what he was approaching? A nesting goose! Dad very VERY quickly backed up and turned around. Don’t want to mess with an angry goose! Dad might get beat up! BOL! Mom climbed a nearby cliff and used her zoom to get a few pictures. Can you see the goose? It was giving Mom the evil eye the entire time, even though she was a ways away.

goose on nest collage

It turned out to be a gorgeous day for boating and we saw many sailboats on the water. The one below was the biggest one we saw.


One last pose for Mom before we headed back to the car.

Darko 10

And on our way back I saw two of my fur-friends, Nigel Bull Terrier and Zeus Bichon Frise, from doggie daycare. BOL! It’s a small world!

Darko collage 6

Once we arrived home I went straight to bed for a long, long time. These kind of walks are exhausting but I’d do it again in a heartbeat!

How To Play Soccer

You need two things before you can play this game. A human and a soccer ball (at least one of each).

Next, go find yourself a nice grassy park, preferably a big one so you can have lots of room for running.

Now, we can begin the game.

Darko 1-1

Let your human have the ball. They need to kick it across the field to start the game.

Once the soccer ball has been kicked CHASE IT DOWN! You need to get it and bring it back to your human.

Catch it, chew on it, herd it, paw at it, bark at it, pick it up and carry it – however you do it, just get it back to your human as fast as possible so they can kick it again.


Darko collage 1Darko collage 2

Once you’ve had your human kick the ball for you a few times challenge your human with a round or two of Keep Away. Simply kicking the ball can be boring for your human so make sure to engage them in this fun one-on-one game to mix things up.

In this game your human runs around the field keeping the soccer ball at their feet and your goal is to take it from them. This game is a lot of fun and can be really hard, especially if more than one human is involved. But the harder the challenge the more fun it is!

After you have tired out your human(s) with Keep Away get them to kick the ball again. A soccer dog can never have too much soccer fun!

Darko collage 3Darko collage 4

Repeat until you are too tired to participate or until your humans decide that you are all done for the day.

Darko 1

Remember: BE GENTLE with your soccer ball. They can pop so do not bite them, just hold them and NO PLAYING TUG with them.

Darko 2

And that’s how to play the game soccer, my most favourite sport!

A Day In The Life Of Darko…

Today was a very good day… I got to do so many things!

The morning started off rough because my humans got up so early again – but then Dad took me to the park and I forgot how tired I was!

After breakfast, I settled in for a nap with the kitties, but then Dad asked if I was going with Mom “to work” and I got all wiggly with excitement and gave him lots of snuggles! Of course I want to go with Mom! I have to say I was a bit disappointed when I found out that Mom was working for the “dark side” again today, but my friends at daycare soon made me forget that and I even joined on a pack walk.

Soon I was ready for a nap, and luckily my Dad showed up with my cousin Summer (who I love sooo much!) and they took me home where I found a spot of sun and kitties to nap with. My rest was pretty short because I overheard my Dad and Summer talking about the “beach” and I came racing into the room to see if it was true… Are we really going to the beach, Dad? Really?

We finally got to the beach after Dad and Summer took forever getting some food (funny humans, BOL) and we were off on another adventure!

Well, a short-lived adventure anyways. Mom was due to be off work soon. But we did a whole lap around the beach and I found lots of things to smell! Dad and Summer made me get my picture taken a few times. It’s rough but I like to share my adventures with my friends!


I even made funny faces for you. BOL!


After picking up Mom from work I was ready for another nap with my kitties before supper. When my cousin went home, Dad left in the car for awhile… and when he came back, he gave me a brand-new toy! I love toys! (Did you know that?)

Now it’s after dinner and I am lounging by the fire. I wonder what tomorrow will bring…?

A Beachy Afternoon

I had one fun filled day today!

In the morning I went to doggie daycare and participated on a pack walk with a few of my fur-friends. Then early afternoon my Dad and human cousin picked me up and we went to the beach while we waited for Mom to be released from the dark side (she was working at the dog spa today).

Darko 1

I was so excited when we arrived at the beach! And the weather was perfect for water fun! I was one extra lucky pup and would like to say “Thank you, sun, for gracing us with your rays today!”

Pipers 1

But before we stopped at the beach for our water fun we took a stroll around the park.

I did my best to pose nicely for my humans. They always want to take lots of photos when the weather is nice like today.

Darko and Sum

Doesn’t that water below look lovely? Makes you want to race over to it at maximum warp, leap in and create a huge splash! Right?

Pipers 2

A beautiful sight to behold for any water loving dog. Just let me dive in!

Pipers 3

We made a few short stops on our way to the beach and of course my humans had to take more pictures. BOL! Humans…

Darko collage

Do you like the fort Dad and I are sitting by? We thought it was pretty cool but I was a little distracted with all the strange people and kids around so I didn’t check it out much. There were a lot of people at the beach today.

FINALLY!!! We made it to the water. Or rather, I made it to the water and had to wait for my humans to catch up.

And can you guess what the first thing I did when my humans let me off leash? I found a part of a carcass and rolled in it! Unfortunately it was all bone so there was nothing to make me smell nice. Better luck next time. BOL!

Darko 2

Can you see me in the photo below?

Darko 3

Look how much fun stuff there is along to beach to practice my agility skills on? I barely did any practicing today, though. The water was too distracting for me this time.

Pipers 4

(Below) Aren’t these rocks neat looking? And check out that all-natural agility equipment!

Pipers 5

“What’s that Dad? Starfish? Pawsome! But I think I’ll just be over here by the water, okay? Take some pictures for me.”

Darko and starfish

I wasn’t very interested in these starfish creatures. The water had all of my attention today. They are pretty cool though. You might think starfish would be squishy but they’re not. They’re actually quite solid, hard and a little rough on the surface, like slimy sandpaper. BOL!

starfish collage

After we had our fun we continued on to the next beach location.

Pipers 6

I was very alert and focused the entire time because of all the commotion. It’s spring break where I live so all the young folk are out and about taking advantage of this pawsome weather. But I was very good and didn’t woof much at them, I watched instead.

Darko 4

More agility practice. I’m going to be a pro one day!

Darko 5

And the next stop is… THE BEACH!!! Again!

Darko 6

My humans wouldn’t throw any sticks or rocks for me at this beach because there were a lot of barnacles here. I stood at the shore for a long time staring at them but they refused to cave. It’s for the best, I guess. My paws are grateful at least.

Darko 7

Once I realized there was not going to be any chasing and fetching I began hunting for rocks in the water.

FOUND ONE!!! ***dig dig dig***

Darko 8

“Sooo… Were you going to throw something? Are you sure? I’m pawsitive you said something about fetching a stick…?”

Darko 9

Waiting by the shore again hoping my humans will throw stuff for me but just like the last spot there were a lot of barnacles.

Darko 10

Pawing at some plants floating in the water. Sometimes I’ll pick them up and carry them to shore, then roll on it. BOL!

Darko 11

“Hmm… I wonder if my humans would notice if I swam over to that island……..?”

Darko 12

Going for a run. My humans don’t really like me doing this on the barnacles but I didn’t care. Besides, my paws are fine this time. No cuts or scrapes.

Darko 13

Can you see me in the photo below? I decided to go for a nice walk through the shallows all by myself. I love the beach!

Darko 14

Yep. It was a beachy kind of day and I loved it! Hopefully the sun returns soon so we can do it again.

Yesterday’s Pawsome Adventure

The day started out just like any other. My humans forced me to get out of bed and go for a walk. It was a nice walk and I got to see some bunnies and birds, but that was it.

Darko funday collage 1

I went down to the water like I always do and dipped my paws in to test the temperature. It’s still a bit cold but I’d swim in it… If Dad didn’t say “no swimming” as I raced to the water. ***sigh***

Darko funday collage 2

And of course I made sure to check all the latest message posts and reply to any that seemed interesting.

Darko funday 1

Once we returned home from the morning walk we all had breakfast and then I went back to bed.

But a few hours later guess who came to visit me? My favourite human cousin! I was so excited! I wiggled like crazy for the longest time when she arrived and we’ve been having a barkin’ good time ever since. We have so much fun together!

Darko funday 2

Not long after my cousin arrived, my humans took us all to a big park and we played soccer!

Darko funday collage 5

Do you like soccer? I LOVE soccer! It is – paws down – my most favourite sport!

Darko funday collage 3Darko

But playing soccer sure tires me out!

Darko funday 5Darko funday collage 4

See that big smile? That’s my “I’m in soccer heaven” smile. BOL!

Darko funday 6

Not long after the last photo (above) Dad decided we were playing tug with my soccer ball. Since I was so tired I went along with the idea and I’m sure you’ve already guessed what happened next…

I got a soccer hat!

Darko funday 3

Needless to say, I now need a new soccer ball.

So since the soccer fun was over I rolled around on the grass for a while. It’s nice and cool and feels great when you’re all warm and panting like I was.

Darko funday collage 7

Then my human cousin started climbing a tree and so I had to try too. I didn’t get as far as she did but I think I did pretty good considering the circumstances and how exhausted I was.

Darko funday collage 6

After our tree climbing session we went and played in the playground for a bit. I went up and down the ramps and down the slide too. I even tried to climb on a swing (with my cousins help, of course).

Darko funday 4

And just to please my humans I walked through the rock cliff a few times. It was probably the easiest thing I did all day! BOL! Humans are so easily entertained. But that’s okay because it makes our job easy, right? ***wink wink***

Darko funday collage 8Darko funday collage 9

Once I had my fill of fun at the park we returned home and I passed out for several hours. Fun is tiring. But after I re-energized I played with my kitties and my toys and then my cousin and I played some games. It was a super pawsome day!

Read my post Lets Play Soccer for more photos of me enjoying my favourite sport.