cert Darko with Frenzy

From Clicks To Tricks

March of last year I took a class with my humans at Best Paw Forward Dog Training called Beyond The Leash Level One.

In this class my humans and I learned how to communicate with a noisy little device called a clicker. It turns out that I love the clicker because (A) it’s all about positive reinforcement so a dog can’t do wrong and (B) every click means I did something right which means I get rewarded with a treat. But not only do I enjoy all the mouth watering treats, I also love figuring out what my humans want me to do. The clicker always makes me think hard and I love a good challenge!

At my first class I was a nervous pup and woofed a bit at the strange humans there, but it wasn’t long before I realized that this was a lot of fun and the humans were quite nice so I forgot all about my jitters.

Over the course of seven weeks (with a one week break in the middle) my humans and I learned many things together, and by the third week I knew what day class was on and would race around the house all Sunday morning (class day) making sure to keep an eye on my leash and collar so they wouldn’t leave without me.

This class is pawsome and I highly recommend it to every pup out there!

I learned so many fun and new things during my classes and now that my humans and I have the right tools and knowledge I continue to learn fun and new things every day.

I learned how to shake a paw (right and left), go to my mat, spin in a circle (right and left), touch an object or human hand with my nose, give a high-paw, sit in a box or put a paw in a box, put my paws on an object and move around in a circle (right and left), touch an object with my paw and so much more!

Games, however, are my favourite. My humans will put an object (or sometimes several objects) in the middle of the room and I have to figure out what they want me to do with it. I get a click and reward for every piece of the puzzle I solve. It is so much fun!

At class, I also got to practice my agility skills. Jumps, tunnels, hula-hoops, and lots of other different things to challenge myself with.

See the photo below? That board I’m on was noisy and I was scared of it at first. But after a few tries I was walking across it without jumping off at the end. BOL!

BTL1 Darko on  board - stamped

This yellow peanut ball (below) was a lot of fun. It helps us dogs learn balance and build our core strength and I loved it! I jumped up on it first try and sat down, stood up and turned around, lied down, jumped off and repeated.

I didn’t realize it at the time but this peanut ball worked every muscle in my body and the day after this class I was groaning every time I moved because my muscles were sore. I guess they had a pretty good workout! BOL! But that’s okay because it was worth it.

BTL1 Darko and Fit Paw - stamped

This was one of the tricks I learned at class: the high-paw.

BTL1 Darkos new trick - stamped

Graduation Class with three of my five class mates.

BTL1 Darkos grad pic with names - stamped

I was sad when my classes ended but I learned so much and am very grateful to my trainer Tressia and all of the human trainers at Best Paw Forward. I had a barkin’ awesome time!

collage BTL1

20130428_130504 - 2

Me with my Certificate of Achievement. ***proud wiggles***

collage Darko cert

Frenzy would like to add that he thinks there should be a kitty class because he’s good at this kind of stuff too. BOL!

Maybe one day Frenzy… you never know.

cert Darko with Frenzy

Frenzy thought he’d try sitting on my homework booklet to see if he’d get a treat. Silly guy.

collage Darko cert with Frenzy

And then Deunan came over to see what all the commotion was about. Yep, my kitties are always keeping tabs on me. But I guess that’s what older siblings are for, right?

collage Deunan Darko Frenzy

Best Paw Forward Dog Training has helped hundreds of dogs and their owners in Nanaimo and area (British Columbia, Canada) realize the joys of learning and the benefits to communicating properly with one another. To learn more about Best Paw Forward, their team of trainers and what they represent visit their website and Facebook page by clicking on the links.

4 thoughts on “From Clicks To Tricks”

    1. Thanks! I loved my classes! Hopefully I get to take another one soon with my humans. Yes, I sure do love my kitties. Even Frenzy. BOL!

    1. ***blushes*** Thank you, Sydney and family! This was a super fun class to take with my humans and I really enjoyed myself. Frenzy thinks there should be a class for his kind though… he’s still a little jealous, but Mom has been working with him and the clicker so maybe that will help him feel extra special – or whatever it is he needs to feel – so that he’s not jealous of me. BOL!

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