Darko Charlie

My Little Buddy Charlie

Meet my little buddy Charlie Chihuahua. He is one of my best friends!

Charlie and I met at my doggie daycare. He was really shy at first but I chummed him up and after that he became my little shadow.

Once in a while Charlie comes over to my house for a sleep over and we always have a pawsome time together!

Here’s Charlie and I hanging out on my couch.

Darko and Charlie

Charlie and I love to wrestle!

You may wonder how a big dog like me and a little dog like Charlie can do so, but it’s really quite simple. I just lie down. That way, he can chew on me and paw at me and run circles around me. BOL!

collage darko and charlie 1

When I do stand up to play with Charlie I always make sure to watch where I step. Luckily, I have lots of practice with my kitties.

Darko Charlie 2

Unlike me, Charlie isn’t much of a water dog unless it’s a really hot day but that doesn’t stop him from hanging out in an empty pool with me.

Darko Charlie collage

I love it when Charlie comes over for a visit. We always have a great time playing!

Frenzy, on the other paw, is not the biggest fan as Charlie LOVES our Mom and so he is always snuggling with her (unless he’s playing or napping with me, of course!) which means that Frenzy has even more competition than usual for his snuggles. I find it amusing and bark quietly to myself as I watch Frenzy glare at Charlie from across the room. It’s good for Frenzy. He needs to learn that Mom is not his all the time. BOL!

Charlie Chi

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