Snow Day Feb 24 -1

What The Dog Is Going On?

Okay. Seriously, this is getting a little out of paw. It is STILL snowing for the third day straight without stopping. It did slow down a few times but it never actually stopped and it is still snowing at this very moment.

You see, I live along the coast on Vancouver Island, Canada and we don’t usually get much for snow here. Maybe a dusting a few times a year. But on Saturday morning some time before I woke up it had started snowing and has continued to snow ever since.

I wasn’t very impressed at first. It is snow, after all. It’s cold and you can’t swim in it (or so I thought) and I’m a water dog that worships the sun so that was two paws down for me. I’m not saying I dislike snow I just didn’t understand what real snow was all about. But this year I got to find out what all the fuss was for.


A little bit of snow was boring. A dog can only lick up and pee on so much by himself. But a lot of snow is amazing! I never knew it could be so much fun.

You can bury your head in it, hop across it, attempt to swim in it, eat it, roll in it, burrow through it, slide over it, bury your toys in it and then pounce on them after they disappear, pee on it and do you know what I discovered today? Snowballs are a LOT of fun to catch! They explode in your face and what you catch you get to eat!

This white stuff is seriously barkin’ awesome!¬†Which means I guess I need to eat my own paw for barking smack about the snow. I didn’t know. I was a clueless pup and I take it all back. Snow CAN be fun. Well, okay maybe not ALL back because there has to be a lot of snow for it to be this much fun. BOL!

Snow Day Feb 24 collage 2

Discovering the joys of snow. My humans didn’t seem quite as pleased as I was though.

Snow Day Feb 24 collage 1

Deunan and Ravage really wanted to join us outside but as soon as they got out they wanted right back in. BOL!

Snow Day Feb 24 -1

Look at all the snow! I have never seen so much in my life! My humans had told me stories but I never thought them to be true until today.

Snow Day Feb 24 collage 3

Frenzy loves any weather because he just likes being outside so the snow didn’t faze him one bit. Even when he would practically disappear in it! BOL!

Snow Day Feb 24 collage 4

I was really excited when Frenzy ventured out in to the middle of the yard and started running around him in circles. All I want is for him to chase me and usually he will do just that but today he got a little mad at me and ran away. I think it was because of all the snow I was kicking up. BOL! Sorry Frenzy.

Snow Day Feb 24 - 2

All the bamboo in the backyard is more or less a lost cause after three days of snow. My humans keep trying to shake off all the white fluff but it just keeps coming and so the bamboo bends lower and lower and eventually breaks. The supports broke the first night so you can only imagine how the bamboo is now.

Snow Day Feb 24 collage 5

I discovered something new today. Snow IS fun. ***excited barks***

Do you know what snow is? I didn’t so my humans had to tell me. If you would like to learn more about snow go read my post “White Wonderland” and it will fill you in on all the facts.

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