Snowy Afternoon Walk 1

My Snowy Afternoon Walk

My afternoon walk today was super fun! I’ve never played in so much snow before in my entire life! It was amazing. A little cold, but amazing!

Snowy Afternoon Walk 5

About to head out on our walk.

Snowy Afternoon Walk collage 1

And let the fun begin! Look how crazy I am!


Snowy Afternoon Walk 2

Can you find me in the photo above?

Snowy Afternoon Walk collage 2

I tried to walk out on the water because it looked like I could but apparently snow isn’t the same as ice. BOL!

Snowy Afternoon Walk collage 3

I never realized how much fun snow could be until today. I had a blast!

Snowy Afternoon Walk 3

And it’s pretty too. Don’t you think?

Snowy Afternoon Walk collage 5

Catching snowballs. This is my new favourite game!

Snowy Afternoon Walk collage 4


Snow is sure delicious!

Snowy Afternoon Walk 1


Snowy Afternoon Walk 4

Yep, this is seriously my new favourite game! When you catch a snowball it explodes in your face and what’s left in your jaws you get to eat. It’s pawsome!

Snowy Afternoon Walk 6

My paw prints. Yeah, I know. My Mom’s weird. BOL!

Snowy Afternoon Walk 7

About to make our way back home.

And guess what happened on our way home? Some mean human in a vehicle drove by us really fast and my humans and I were showered from head to toes in gross dirty snow! It was awful. I won’t repeat any of the nasty words that came out of my humans mouths but I will say that it was not nice and humans need to SLOW DOWN in this type of weather. Especially when passing others walking alongside the road. They could have at least moved in to the further lane. Sheesh. Some humans. ***shakes head*** But it’s okay. We’re all dry now. A short while hanging out by the fireplace fixes everything.

Snowy Afternoon Walk 8

Still drying off from my walk. Frog kept me company. He’s a good friend and makes a pawsome pillow. BOL!

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