Darko at daycare suntanning

My Doggie Daycare


I’ve been attending doggie daycare since I was twelve weeks old and I love it! I have so many friends and we get to have a lot of fun together. It is pawsome!


My favourite is summer time because we get to play in the pools and play with this water-stick. Can you see me in the photo above? I am making my best gremlin face trying to catch the water from the water-stick. BOL!


This is the water-stick. It is my most favourite toy in the summer time.

Darko and Aquazooka - resized

And after a good play with the water-stick I’m usually soaking wet like in the photo below. Yep, I’m a crazy water dog.


If I’m not playing I am either napping, being silly and following my human Aunties around (below) or guarding Mom’s coffee (above).


I have lots of friends at daycare. Below I am playing with Flynn. I flop around on the grass and he runs around me in circles. We call it “Darko in the middle.” BOL!


I am quite the ladies man sometimes and I love it when the girls “beat me up.” Below is Sophie and Sophie taking turns chewing on me. I love every minute of it. ***wink wink***


And the girls are teaming up on me again. Below is Sophie and Honey (the ears at the bottom of the photo). We have so much fun together.


My blood brother Logan joins me at daycare once in a while and when he does we have a crazy time racing and wrestling! The girls love him too. I wonder why…

Darko and Logan at daycare Dec 2012 - cropped

Below is Anon and I enjoying a good wrestle. She is pawsome and we always have a great time when we attend daycare on the same day.

Darko and Anon resized

Yep. Doggie daycare is PAWSOME!

Darko at daycare suntanning

If you’d like to know more about my super fun and pawsome doggie daycare visit their website and Facebook page by clicking on the links.

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