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My Best Friend Sophie

Sophie collage 6

Meet my best friend Sophie. We met at doggie daycare two years ago and became besties very quickly. We love to be silly, wrestle and play tag, chase each other around with toys and enjoy naps together.

Sophie collage 1

Sometimes Sophie comes over for sleep overs and I love it when she does. We play and play and play and play and then crash for a few hours then play some more.

Sophie collage 2

My blood brother Logan loves Sophie too (he knows her from doggie daycare as well) and when the three of us get together we love to disturb the peace and create chaos. BOL!

Sophie always tries to take us both on. She’s cheeky like that and thinks she’s pretty fast – which she is – but Logan and I can make a pretty pawsome team and she usually doesn’t stand a chance. But she likes to try and we don’t mind. We love the game. ***big wiggles***

Last year Sophie got to come to Logan and my 2nd Barkday Party. We had so much fun!

Sophie collage 3

This is what Sophie, Logan and I do pretty much the entire time we’re together.


Sophie collage 4

Sophie and I playing with all the toys I got for my 2nd Barkday. I love showing off when Sophie’s around. But what guy wouldn’t. She’s one good-looking girl! ***wink wink*** And even better she’s super fun to hang out with.

Sophie collage 5

My kitties love it when Sophie comes over too. Even Frenzy which is quite impressive. He’s not the biggest fan of most dogs like Ravage and Deunan are but he has always liked Sophie, even from day one. Must be because she’s just so lovable.

Sophie collage 7

When Sophie comes over in the summer we always go to the beach because she loves water just as much as I do.

We have a splashin’ good time chasing and tackling each other in the water, retrieving sticks and looking for rocks. And she likes to make big splashes like I do. BOL!

Sophie collage 8

Don’t we look happy? We love water and each other!

Sophie collage 9

Sophie even likes to stick her head under the water like me! BOL! And she’s a pretty good swimmer too. Not quite as good as me but I’ve had way more practice than she has.

Sophie collage 10

Sophie is my best friend and I hope that we’ll be besties forever.

Sophie 2

4 thoughts on “My Best Friend Sophie”

  1. OMG…that is soooooo cute. Made me cry. Thanks for putting this all together. Sophie is a very lucky girl to have Darko as her lifelong best friend. She loves him dearly. She is equally as lucky to have a wonderfull, loving and caring second home to spend her “vacation” time.

    1. ***big wiggles*** I’m glad you enjoyed it! I adore my Sophie very much! It was pawsome to see her at daycare today. We had some good wrestling sessions. BOL! Looking forward to her next sleepover!

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