Ravage snuggles

Snuggle Time

I love snuggle time with my humans, especially with Dad but I make sure Mom gets her fair share of snuggles too. Like today. I curled up on Mom’s shoulder and had a nice long catnap. But it didn’t start out that way.

It went something like this…

Ravage snuggles

Mom was sitting quietly in the big green chair doing non-important work stuff on her mechanical device and as I walked in to the room I knew exactly what she needed to help her work faster and overall more efficiently. Snuggles.

I walked up to Mom and sat in front of her for a minute, making sure to look her in the eye so she knows I’m serious.

Mom glances at me and smiles but shakes her head. “No Ravage. I don’t want any drool right now, thanks.”

I twitch my tail and bob my head a few times counting down take-off.

Mom looks back down at me, realizing I am indeed serious about snuggles. “Don’t you dare, Stinker.” (Stinker is my nickname… for several reasons. MOL!)

After bobbing my head a few more times I leap up on her lap.

Mom sighs. “Fine. But no being pushy and NO drooling on me.”

MOL! She’s funny, she is. Like I’m pushy. And I don’t drool… Much. Besides, what she really means to say is “Yes, please Ravage, smother me with your drooly snuggles.”

I sit on Mom’s lap for a minute planning my next move while she continues her non-important work stuff.

Mom sees me eyeballing her and chuckles, shaking her head. “No, Ravage. No pushy drooly kitties right now, okay?”

In one swift move I stand up, put my paws around her neck and start rubbing my face on her chin. ***drooly purrs***

Mom takes my paws and gently pushes me back on her lap. “What did I say, Ravage? Just curl up on my lap, please.”

I flop on my side and fall in to Mom’s left arm then roll on my back, looking up at her innocently. This almost always works. ***drooly purrs***

Mom smiles and gives me a pet. “Yes, Ravage. You are very cute but I still don’t want your slobber.”

But that’s just code for “Yes, I would love some drool, Ravage.” I stand up and throw myself at her. I wrap my paws around her neck and tuck my head under her chin, purring loudly as I rub my drool strings on her face.

“Ah, gross!” Mom says as she pushes me back down on her lap and wipes her face with her sleeve. “Can’t you just snuggle without the pushy and the drool? Or at least without the pushy so I don’t get covered in drool?”

I sat on Mom’s lap for a moment staring at her and she stared back at me still wiping her face, chin and neck. She’s occupied. Time to try again.

I stood up and went for more snuggles but this time I kept my drool to myself. Instead, I placed one paw on her chest and the other on her cheek trying to gently pull her face closer to mine so I could nibble and drool on her chin.

Somehow Mom resisted my advances so I tried my old tactic again and went for the full on face wash.

Mom was not impressed. She gave me a stern look and growled quietly. I sighed, defeated. When Mom growls at me it is my last warning and if I keep pushing she will pick me up and put me on the floor.

So I curled up on her shoulder and had a nice long catnap. It wasn’t the same as drooling all over her but at least I got my snuggle time in. MOL! ***drooly purrs***

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