Neck Point 4

Here Comes The Sun

Finally! The sun has decided to show it’s face. I’m crossing my paws that it sticks around because I really REALLY want to go for a good swim.

I still love going for walks to the beach but dipping my toes in the water isn’t the same as racing in at maximum warp and making a big splash. I miss summer… ***reminiscing sigh***

Neck Point 1

But summer will come soon enough, I guess. Not really though so I am doing my best to be a patient pup. And while I wait for summer to come back I will just have to enjoy and be thankful for the few rays of sunshine I get.

Neck Point 2

Can you guess what I’m thinking?

“Can we go back to the beach so I can look longingly out at the water and watch the waves roll in on the shore?”

Yep. I really REALLY miss summer. ***reminiscing sigh***

Neck Point 3

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