Darko Mickey Mouse Ears

Check Out My Ears

Darko Mickey Mouse Ears collage 1

What do you think of my new ears? They are as big as my real ears! BOL!

It was a gift from my fur-friend Marley’s humans. Aren’t they pawsome? The hat is a little big for me so it covers my own big ears but I don’t mind. I’d probably look funny with four ears anyway. ***wink wink***

But do you know what the best part is? My name is on the back! Yep. I have my very own Mickey Mouse hat! I am one special pup! ***excited wiggles***

Maybe one day I’ll get to visit Disneyland so I can wear my hat.

What’s that Mom? WHAT!! Dogs aren’t allowed there? ***stomps feet*** NOT FAIR!!

***pouts for a moment***

Fine. I guess I’ll take my ears and go watch some Disney films. I think Lady and the Tramp will be a good start.

Darko Mickey Mouse Ears collage 2

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