Darko and Logan collage

An Evening With My Brother

Can you guess who I got to see today? Yep, my blood brother Logan! We had such a pawsome time!

We raced around the house, we wrestled, we played with all of my toys, we took turns chewing on my squeakless tennis ball, we played tug and we went outside in the rain and played in the backyard too. Of course we both had to be toweled off afterwards but that’s okay, we like massages. BOL!

It was a pawsome evening and I am tired so I’m going to curl up with my kitties by the fireplace for a while. Goodnight!

Darko and Logan collage

4 thoughts on “An Evening With My Brother”

  1. Love seeing pics of you Boys!! (you two were always my favourites… shhhh). Be sure and give your Humans some wet slobbery kisses for me. Hugs!! Gramma C.

    1. ***crazy excited wiggles*** I promise not to tell. Miss you lots!!! Say hi to my dog-mom and my bro for me! ***kisses and snuggles***

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