Darko Logan wrestle

Play Date At Logan’s House

One of my most favourite places to go is my blood brother Logan’s house. We are best friends and always have a blast racing around and wrestling together. And we’re both really loud when we play. But you probably guessed that already. BOL!

Can you tell who’s who in the photos?

Darko Logan collage 1

Logan is just as silly as me with his toys. It must be a Canaan thing. Or maybe it’s a kitty thing because he was raised by cats just like me.

Darko Logan collage 2

This is what we do pretty much the entire time we’re together. We barely ever stand still and if we are it’s usually because we’re exhausted or we’re waiting for treats.

Darko Logan wrestle

After a good few hours of play I’m usually ready to go home for a long nap.

Darko Logan play date

My brother Logan is pawsome and I look forward to our next play date. ***excited wiggles***

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