melting snow walk

A Guide To Wednesday: Step By Step

Step One: Sleep in as long as your humans will let you.

Step Two: Go for a morning walk with your humans.

melting snow walk collage 1

Step Three: Eat breakfast.

Step Four: Have an after breakfast treat but before you eat it make sure to prance around and show all your fur-siblings first.

Step Five: Play with ALL of your toy.

Step Six: Play with your fur-siblings toys too.

Step Seven: Play with your fur-siblings.

Step Eight: Have a nap.

Step Nine: Go to doggie daycare and visit all your friends.

Step Ten: Go home and have another nap.

Step Eleven: Play with your fur-siblings again and all the toys too.

Step Twelve: Eat dinner.

Step Thirteen: Repeat step four.

Step Fourteen: Roll around on the carpet or the humans bed making sure to rub your face clean of any dinner leftovers.

Step Fifteen: Have a nap to rest your full tummy.

Step Sixteen: Go for an evening walk with your humans.

melting snow walk collage 2

Step Eighteen: Repeat step eleven.

Step Nineteen: Go to bed before every one else so you can get the best spot on the pillows.

Step Twenty: When every one else comes to bed make sure to lie in the middle of the bed so they have to crawl in around you. That’s what they get for going to bed late.

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