Darko soccer Feb 11 2014 - 4

Lets Play Soccer

Do you like soccer? I LOVE soccer! It is a really fun game to play with humans. They run around kicking the big ball back and forth and I have to intercept.

When I get the ball I’ll carefully pick it up (don’t want to pop it because it’s hard to play soccer when it’s flat) and prance around until I’m ready to start again.

It is sooooo much fun!

collage soccer Feb 11 2014

I get to play soccer a lot at home but today I got to play at the park!┬áIt was just me and Dad though, Mom took pictures instead of participating. But that’s okay, my odds are much higher at intercepting the ball when I’m only playing against one human.

Darko soccer Feb 11 2014 - 3

Look how fast I am! So fast that the camera has trouble keeping up with me sometimes. BOL!

collage soccer Feb 11 2014 - 2

This is the face of a happy and tired dog. ***tired wiggles***

Darko soccer Feb 11 2014

Yep. Happy, tired and all done playing.

To the car, humans. I’m ready to go home now.

Darko soccer Feb 11 2014 - 2

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