Feb 11 2014 - 2

It’s Melting

Feb 11 2014 - 1

The big dump of snow we got last week is finally melting! It has been fun to play in but I think it’s time it went away.

Besides, I miss swimming so the sooner it goes the sooner I can take a dip in the ocean. ***excited wiggles***

Since it was warm out the kitties and I begged our humans to let us go on an adventure in the backyard. They caved (of course.. who could resist us?) and took us out for a while this morning.

collage Kitties Feb 11 2014 - 1

Frenzy did his usual chew on grass thing as well as sniffed the entire back yard and dig in the dirt.

collage Kitties Feb 11 2014 - 4

Deunan explored, ate snow and did some bird watching. She’s the only one besides me who’s allowed outside off leash because she listens and doesn’t try to pull the disappearing act like our Decepticon brothers do.

collage Kitties Feb 11 2014 - 5

The real truth is Deunan’s too much of a princess to go far from our humans. BOL! But don’t tell her I said that… ***wink wink***

collage Kitties Feb 11 2014 - 2

Ravage pretended he was a panther and weaved his way through all the bamboo stalking and chirping at birds that were far away. He also played with some twigs, grass and leaves.

collage Kitties Feb 11 2014 - 7

Frenzy: What ‘ya doing?

Ravage: This  ***BAT***  blade  ***BAT***  of  ***BAT***  grass  ***BAT***  won’t  ***BAT***  stay  ***BAT***  down!!!  ***continues to bat at the grass with his paw***

Frenzy: And they say I’m the crazy one… MOL!

collage Kitties Feb 11 2014 - 6

Frenzy: This bamboo smells nice. ***SNIIIIIIFF***

Feb 11 2014 - 2

Me making sure Mom takes my picture too. She gets carried away with the kitties sometimes. Not that I blame her. They are pretty pawsome and I love them lots. ***wiggles***

collage Kitties Feb 11 2014 - 3

Ravage loves to play with sticks and twigs. In the photos he is trying to get a twig of lavender that Mom’s holding. He’s silly.

It was fun playing in the snow today but we’re all glad it’s finally melting.

Melt snow, melt away!

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