Darko napping cropped

Family Day

Family Day is a new holiday here in the province I live and my kitties and I like it. Our humans stayed home with us all day and gave us lots of attention. How pawsome is that!

We all went outside and played in the snow.

Then we napped by the fireplace to warm up.

After our paws were warm we played with our toys.

And then we had another nap.

Once we had our energy back we chased the red dot from the laser pointer for a while.

Then when we were too tired to chase the red dot we traded some tricks for treats with our humans.

Followed by yet another nap.


It was a barkin’ awesome Family Day and we give it two paws up for a new holiday.

Deunan napping

Deunan getting her beauty sleep. She makes sure to have several long naps a day.

Frenzy in striped sweater

Frenzy is still having to wear his sweater and surprisingly he has been tolerating it quite well.

Ravage rolling on carpet

Ravage being a goof and rolling around on the carpet. He’s such a silly guy. BOL!

Darko napping

Yep. Today was pawsome. But I think it’s time for another nap. All this fun has made me tired.

Happy Family Day!

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