Fun At The Park

I had such a pawsome day today!

First I got to go see one of my Aunties whom I hadn’t seen in a long time. She gave me hugs and some yummy cookies too! It was very exciting. ***wiggles***

Then I went with my humans to this big BIG house full of toys and food and treats and everything a dog could dream of. It was amazing! I sniffed the entire place and found so many things I wanted to take home with me. I didn’t get to have everything but my humans did buy me a few new tennis balls.

After that we went to the park and I got to take one of my new toys with me. It was so much fun!


I love chasing the ball and Dad can throw really far so it doesn’t take too long for me to get tired.

Darko park collage 1

After a dozen laps or so across the field it was time to cool off. Since it’s still quite cold out I found a spot of grass in the shade that was covered in frost and had a good roll on my tennis ball.

Darko park collage 2


Darko park collage 3

Darko park collage 4

See this happy face? That’s how much fun I had. ***big wiggles***


On our way home we went to another pet store and the nice humans there gave me lots of treats. And when I say lots I mean LOTS. BOL!

Yep. Today was barkin’ awesome!

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