kitties and nip and Darko

Let The Weekend Begin

kitties and nip and Darko

It’s Friday night at our house which means it is time to par-tay! BOL!

The kitties busted out their catnip and munchies to get started. I’m not in to that nip stuff being a dog and all but I have my bone and toys to kick off my weekend with. Oh, and I got a yam chew too! ***starts drooling*** I LOVE yam chews….

collage kitties and nip

collage kitties and nip 2

Frenzy: Duuude.. This stuff is amazing..! I think I need to eat ALL of these treats now.

Ravage: ***rolls eyes*** Ignore him. Little brothers can be so immature sometimes.

collage Ravage and nip


Ravage: Mmmmm… This catnip fish is tasty…¬†What’s this? A container full of nip? Maybe you should open it and pour it on the floor so I can rub my face in it. Or I could chew my way in…


ravage and nip

Yep. We love weekends! But mostly because it usually means we get our humans all to ourselves. That is our favourite part of any weekend. ***excited wiggles***

So, with that said, let the weekend begin!


Wishing you all a barkin’ awesome weekend! ***WOOF***

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