crazy Frenzy 1

Confessions Of A Decepticon

crazy Frenzy 1

Crazy? Nope. I’m not crazy. Who said anything about crazy?

See this face? This is the face of a completely sane, calm and all around purrfectly innocent kitty.

I’m just Frenzy the Decepticon. No crazy kitties here.

crazy Frenzy 2

I’m not silly.

I don’t like my picture taken.

I really don’t like attention.

crazy Frenzy 3

I never play with toys.

I never ever chase the red dot from the laser pointer.

crazy Frenzy 4

I don’t like to sit on the kitty tower and watch the birds through the window in the morning.

I don’t like airplane rides in the laundry basket.

crazy Frenzy 5

I’m not weird.

I don’t like to make my humans laugh.

I don’t race around the house chirping and performing wild stunts.

crazy Frenzy collage

And you’ll never EVER find me climbing in to random things like Darko’s cone of shame just for fun.

crazy Frenzy 6

Nope. No crazy kitties here.

Just me.

And I’m not crazy. I’m just a cat.


***mischievous purrs***

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