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Toy Tuesday

Darko toys

Ravage, Deunan, Frenzy and I love to play, especially with our toys.

String, feathers, bouncy balls, bells, balls with bells inside, fuzzy mice, stuffed toys, catnip toys, the red dot from the laser pointer, boxes, paper, plastic and cloth bags, cardboard tubes… You name it and we’d probably play with it. BOL!

collage Darko toys

My favourite toys include ALL kitty toys, stuffies (especially giant ones like my Frog) and of course my all time number one choice: a squeaky tennis ball.

My humans love the last one. *wink wink*

Deunan toys

Deunan’s favourite toys include anything with a feather attached and string. She can get a little wild and silly when she plays and it is very entertaining!

collage Deunan toys

Ravage loves his nip and so his favourite toys include ALL catnip toys, anything with a feather attached and string.

Ravage toys

Of all my kitty siblings, Ravage is the only one who really REALLY loves the nip stuff and can often be found slobbering all over his nip toys and soaking them with drool.

Ya, he can be a bit gross sometimes but I love him. He’s the coolest cat I know!

collage Ravage toys

And then there’s Frenzy.

Frenzy toys

He’s not really a toy kind of guy. Frenzy will play with toys once in a while but usually requires a human to play with him.

Instead, he’d much rather practice his crazy kitty stunts and race around the house at maximum warp, convince Mom to play tag with him or attempt to catch the red dot from the laser pointer.

But especially the last one. Frenzy is a laser pointer addict. Just like me. BOL!

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