collage Frenzy yellow bandanna jacket

I Dislike Jackets

I’ve been forced to wear these ridiculous jackets for the past few days now. ***tail twitch***

There’s this owie on my chest that Mom doesn’t like me chewing on for some reason so she’s been forcing me to wear stuff to keep me from it.

I know. I don’t understand it either.

collage Frenzy Feb 1 2014

First I had to wear the Little Rebel hoodie but it was just a little too small for me which is unfortunate because I looked pretty good in it. ***mischievous purrs***

Then there was the yellow bandanna jacket, a product of Mom’s handiwork. MOL!

collage Frenzy banada jacket Feb 2 2014

It was okay I guess. I could move better but I sure looked funny.

collage Frenzy yellow bandanna jacket

Luckily, the yellow bandanna jacket was only temporary. Dad found me a red t-shirt.

collage Frenzy red tshirt

And now I have the opposite problem. It’s too big. MOL! But at least it’s comfy.

I still can’t chew on my owie though. ***tail twitch***

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