Snow Day handsome Darko

Oh My Dog It Snowed! – Part Two


My humans and I went for a walk first thing this morning so we could enjoy the white wonderland before it melts and disappears.

collage Snow Day -Darko 1

Look at all this snow. It is PAWSOME!

Snow Day handsome Darko

I had a lot of fun on my walk this morning.

I raced around doing crazy zoomies in the snow, dipped my toes in the water and sniffed the floating snow and ice chunks, did more crazy zoomies, peed on a few bushes and did even more crazy zoomies. It was barkin’ pawsome!

collage Snow Day -Darko 2

I camouflage well, don’t I? My humans almost didn’t see me in the photo below. BOL!

Snow Day handsome Darko 2

Can you see me in the top photo below? I am working on my stealth skills. *wink wink* Mom still saw me though. Guess I need more practice.

collage Snow Day -Darko 3

I wish the snow would stay but the sun is already beginning to melt it all away.

Snow Day handsome Darko 3


collage Snow Day -Darko 4

I love the snow! Too bad it will probably all be gone in a few hours.

But on the other paw, maybe I can go swimming after it melts….. That’s a fair trade, isn’t it?

Snow Day handsome Darko 4

Well, I had my fun. Let’s go home.

Follow me, humans. I’ll lead the way.

Snow Day handsome Darko 5

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