Snow Day handsome Darko 6

Oh My Dog It Snowed! – Part One

collage Snow Day -1

(above photos are my front and back yards as of 7:30 am this morning – last night everything was green and it will most likely be green again in a few hours)


*super excited wiggles* 

This is very exciting for me because we rarely get snow where I live, and if we do it’s usually only a little sprinkle. But not today. When I went outside this morning there was over 4 inches of snow! Fluffy, yummy, cold snow!

Snow is PAWSOME!!!

*zooms crazily around the yard a few times kicking up clouds of snow*

collage Snow Day -Darko crazy time

It is so much fun playing with toys in the snow!

*tosses tennis ball in to the snow then pounces on it as it disappears and digs it up, tosses it in to the air and catches it then zooms crazily around the yard – repeats* 

collage Snow Day -Darko ball

Of course we had to let the kitties in on the fun so Mom and Dad suited them up and out we went. I love it when my kitties come outside with me!

*prances behind Ravage whining while holding tennis ball*

Deunan only lasted a few minutes before she retreated to the warmth of the fireplace. She’s a bit of a princess sometimes.

collage Snow Day -Deunan

Ravage was second to bail but only because I showered him in snow. We were being silly and I ran up to him but it was a bit icy under all the powder so I slid and covered him in a cloud of snow. BOL!

It’s okay though, Ravage is not a grudge holder. We’re still best friends.

collage Snow Day -Ravage 1

collage Snow Day -Ravage 2

Can you spot Frenzy? I’ll give you a clue.. he’s behind me.

Snow Day Darko 1

Frenzy loves exploring the great outdoors and for him, snow just makes it that much more fun. He always has to be convinced or forced to return inside, regardless of weather conditions.

collage Snow Day - Frenzy

We all had a pawsome time! Mostly Frenzy and I, but Deunan and Ravage had a good time too.

I wish it would snow more often. It is so much fun to play in.

collage Snow Day -Darko backyard

After the kitties and I had our fun in the snow my humans and I went for a walk…

Snow Day handsome Darko 6

To be continued… 

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