Darko bone Feb 1 2014

Sunday Is A Fun Day

Wake up and stretch.

Snuggle with humans under the covers.

Get up, but only after the humans do.

Go for a walk.

Eat breakfast.

Watch birds with the kitties from the kitty tower.

collage darko kitties Feb 1 2014

Play with my toys.

Play with the kitties toys.

Put tennis ball in kitty tunnel and pounce on it for a while.

Repeat kitty tunnel game with soccer ball.

Play with Frog.

Get a human to play with me and Frog.

Chew on my bone.

Darko bone Feb 1 2014


collage darko bone Feb 1 2014

Bark at Frenzy in his hoodie.

collage Frenzy Feb 1 2014

Bark even louder at Frenzy in his yellow bandanna jacket. Doesn’t he look funny? BOL!

Frenzy has an owie on his chest that he won’t leave alone which is why he was wearing the hoodie. But the hoodie was a little tight on him so Mom made him a makeshift jacket out of an old bandanna. He may look silly but it works. 

collage Frenzy banada jacket Feb 2 2014

Stop barking at Frenzy because now he’s giving me the evil eye.

Chew on my bone some more.

Have a catnap by the fireplace with the kitties.

Go outside and play ball with the humans for a while.

Go back inside because it suddenly started raining and hailing.

Play with the kitty toys again.

Go for a walk when the sun comes back out. We’ve had crazy weather today.

Try and swim with a few ducks down at the pier during my walk.

Have another catnap by the fireplace to dry off after my walk.

Eat dinner.

Enjoy a yam chew treat. But only after prancing around the house and showing all the kitties first.

Curl up with Mom on the couch for some snuggles.

collage darko Feb 2 2014

Yep. Sunday is a fun day.

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