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My Name Is Frenzy And I’m A Foodoholic

My name is Frenzy and I’m a foodoholic.

Frenzy yogurt

I love food. I mean – I really REALLY love food.

I’ll eat almost anything.

When my humans adopted me they were clueless as to what they were getting themselves in to. But who would have thought that my sweet innocent face could be anything but sweet and innocent. MOL! I sure had them fooled. ***mischievous reminiscing purrs***

My foster family had reported that I would ‘act up’ around food but Mom and Dad thought nothing of it. I was a kitten who had been found living on the streets. Of course I’d act up around food. But ‘acting up’ didn’t even come close to describing it.

My first meal at my forever home I shocked everyone. My new kitty siblings included. Have you ever wondered about my name? Well, I earned that name.

As soon as my new humans started putting food in the dishes I frenzied. Literally. I threw the biggest tantrum you’ve ever seen.

I began screaming as loud as I could and tried to claw my way up Mom to the food. Dad was quickly called in for reinforcements and I was removed from Mom’s back, but only after much protest and flailing. I jumped on the counter and took a dive for the food but my new humans were quick and my attempt was diverted.

I kept screaming and tried again. And again. And again.

But every time I made a lunge for the food one of my new humans would intercept and block me. It was very frustrating and my tantrum continued.

As Mom picked up the first dish I made another attempt to grab it and this time I succeeded, sending the food flying in every direction around the room. I dived after the food and began eating every piece as fast as I possibly could making sure to devour any food close to the humans and other kitties first. Didn’t want them getting any of it.

And that’s how I ate my first meal in my new forever home. It took me over half an hour to find every last piece of kibble. MOL!

Yep, I was a bit of a terror back then. It took almost two years for me to learn not to frenzy at meal time and during those two years I ate countless meals off the floor.

Since then I’ve made kids cry by stealing food right from their hands (one time I got three out of four chicken strips before the kid told on me), stole food off my humans guests plates during their dinner parties, broke in to countless cupboards and ate whatever edible contents I could find (kitty proof cupboards.. or so the humans thought), busted in to the treat drawer multiple times forcing my humans to come up with new contraptions to keep me out, stole food and treats from my fur-siblings, ripped open numerous bags of food (and a few bags of flour) and the list goes on and on and never ends.

I even ate a tub of margarine and a mouthful of clay once. The clay, however, was a trick which I did not enjoy and because of it I am a little more careful as to what I’ll shove in my mouth. Sometimes.

But.. those are all stories for another day.

My name is Frenzy and I’m a foodoholic. ***mischievous purrs***

Frenzy fork

Is there something on that fork for me? Let me have a look… Don’t want to fall for that clay trick again.

Frenzy fork 2


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