Darko on pillows

Sleepy Saturday

Darko on pillows

This is what I did today…

But don’t worry, I wasn’t entirely lazy. I went to doggie daycare for a few hours this morning and saw some of my friends. But after that I’ve been a lazy pup. *wiggles*


And this is what Ravage did today…

I think the big yawn says it all. BOL!


And what Deunan did today…

She loves to nap by the fireplace. It’s her favourite spot in the entire house.


And Frenzy…


He’s been doing his ‘thing’ and following Mom around wherever she goes. But that’s completely normal for him. He does this every day and all day long. If he wasn’t, there would have to be something seriously wrong with him.

Not that I’d mind if he left Mom alone once in a while because it’d mean more attention for me and I like attention. But you never know.. maybe one day we’ll learn to share.

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