Frenzy shoulder cat -01

Purrfect Perch

When Mom’s doing stuff at the table and ignoring me, this is where I like to sit.

On her shoulder. Well, kind of. I just wedge myself between her back and the chair.

Frenzy shoulder cat -1

This way, she can’t even move without acknowledging me and if I want her to pay attention to me sooner I just flick her in the face with my tail.

Mom would never admit to it, but I know she loves it. MOL!

Frenzy shoulder cat -2

The other bonus about this spot is that if Dad happens to be cooking in the kitchen, I can watch his every move.

Frenzy shoulder cat -3

Yep. This is the purrfect perch.

***mischievous purrs***

Frenzy shoulder cat -4

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