meet Frog -1

Meet Frog

Meet Frog. He’s my favourite stuffie.

meet Frog -3

I like to bath Frog, chew on Frog, shake Frog, throw Frog, prance around the house carrying Frog, play tug with Frog, wrestle with Frog, throw Frog at the kitties and try and get them to play with us, use Frog as a pillow… The list is endless. BOL!

meet Frog collage

I move Frog from room to room depending on where the kitties and our humans are hanging out. We don’t like to miss out on any of the fun.

meet Frog -6

My favourite game to play with Frog is wrestling but the kind of wrestling that involves a human.

Mom will pick up Frog, I’ll back up to the other side of the room and wait…


*lifts paw with anticipation*

Mom will say “ROAR!!” and I charge and tackle Frog in the air. We play tug for a few minutes then do it all over again. It is such a fun game!

meet Frog -2

I have yet to succeed getting Ravage to play with Frog and I, but I’ll keep trying.

meet Frog -8

Doesn’t my pillow look comfy? That’s because it is. *wink wink*

Mom and Dad thought Frog made a comfy pillow too.. until I drooled all over it. BOL!

meet Frog -7

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