A Walk To The Beach

collage beach Jan 19 2014

Of all the walks my humans take me on, this one is my favourite.

We walk to the beach, I get to dip my toes in the ocean (and if it’s nice out I’ll go for a swim), chase a few sticks, dig up a few rocks and maybe roll on something that smells amazing. My humans love it when I do that. *wink wink*

If the tide is out there are usually a lot of crows and seagulls scavenging the shore. I always run over to see what they’re up to but they fly away before I get too close. I guess I’m just a scary guy. BOL!


collage beach Jan 19 2014 -2

Sometimes we’ll see ducks, geese and herons and on the rare occasion we’ll see a seal or two. I have never seen an otter here (or any whales) but I did see a raccoon once.

I don’t like raccoon’s. They make all the hair on my back stand up.

When I was little we lived in an apartment on the bottom floor and there was this pack of raccoon’s that would pass through our yard all the time. If we happened to be outside and didn’t get in the house fast enough the biggest one would always charge at us. It was scary. That’s why I get nervous around them.

collage beach Jan 19 2014 -3

I love swimming and splashing in the ocean. Even during winter time when it’s extra cold. Sometimes my humans will have to tell me to stay out of the water because I’ll go in regardless of the temperature.

Even if it was snowing I’d still go in.

They claim I could get sick but I’m not so sure… I’m convinced that they just don’t want to deal with a wet dog later. IsĀ itĀ because I like to dry off by sleeping on the pillows on the bed when we get home?

collage beach Jan 19 2014 -4

Eventually my humans force me to leave the beach and we head to the trails to continue our walk through the park.

Not that I don’t enjoy the rest of the walk, I just like the beach more. But what water dog wouldn’t, right?

collage beach Jan 19 2014 -5

There are always a lot of great new smells in the park because many other dogs visit here too. It is a canine hot spot for all the latest news. If my humans and I are on a casual walk I’ll spend a good amount of time sniffing every tree and plant to catch up on the gossip.

Once in a while I’m allowed off-leash during the walk and so I’ll practice my agility skills, jumping and climbing and balancing on logs and rocks and stumps. It is so much fun!

collage beach Jan 19 2014 -6

And that’s why this is my favourite place to go for a walk.

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