Our Backyard Adventure

collage oudoor adventure Jan 28 2014

My kitty siblings love to go outside. When the sun comes out they follow our humans around and give them the “stare down” (it’s how they beg) and if that still doesn’t work they’ll start meowing loudly. Except for Frenzy. He’ll just sit at the window and throw a tantrum right from the start.

Yep. They can be demanding little kitties sometimes. BOL!

But I love it when my kitties come outside with me. I get all excited and follow them around prancing and whining. Usually I’ll try and get them to play soccer with me but for some reason they’re not the biggest fans of that game. I have yet to figure out why…

collage outdoor adventure Jan 28 2014 -2

Anyway, we had a pawsome time hanging out in the backyard. Deunan bailed early though because she decided it was too cold for her and went back to snoozing by the fireplace. The funny part about that is she was the one who was being the most demanding to get outside. Silly girl.

Frenzy had a great time. He LOVES going outside – rain or shine, hot or cold – and like usual he found lots of tasty plants to chew on tangling himself multiple times in the process. But that’s normal for him too (see photo below).

When Ravage goes outside his favourite thing to do is wander around the yard and sniff everything. Sometimes he’ll play with a twig or two and chew on a few blades of grass but usually after he sniffs everything he just follows me around. Until I try and throw my soccer ball at him, that is.

Why don’t kitties like soccer? It’s so much fun.


After our backyard adventure we all went for a catnap. The kitties curled up in the living room because that’s where the fireplace is but I went to bed. It’s just so much comfier stretching out on my big bed.

That’s right, I called it my bed. Don’t worry, my humans know that it’s mine. *wink wink*

collage outdoor adventure Jan28 2014 -2

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