Fun With My Kitties

collage Jan 29 2014 -1

The kitties were being very silly after I came home from doggie daycare today. Ravage was zooming around the house at top warp, Deunan was bouncing around and pouncing on toys and Frenzy was following Mom around the house – just as he does every time she comes home after being gone for even a short period of time.

Yep. Frenzy’s even worse of a “Mama’s Boy” than I am. That’s the main reason why he and I didn’t get along for the longest time. We get jealous of each other. BOL! 

Since I was exhausted after my long day of daycare I had to have a catnap first before I joined my kitties in their fun. But once I recharged my batteries I was right in there with them, racing around and being silly. We had a pawsome time!

collage Jan 29 2014 -2

Ravage loves his toys but especially his catnip toys. He gets those big wild eyes and gnaws and drools on his toys to the point where they’re practically dripping. It is disgusting. Funny, but disgusting.

collage Jan 29 2014 -3

And then there’s Deunan. Doesn’t she look vicious gnawing on her big mouse? She can be such a crazy girl sometimes. Deunan will play with pretty much any toy in the toy box but her favourites are the ones with feathers attached.

There are no pictures of Frenzy playing with the toys today because he was too focused on being Mom’s shadow. Silly guy. 

collage Jan 29 2014 -4

What do you think of the carnage from this evenings toy time? And that’s only half of it. We are one messy pack! BOL! But we sure had a good time.

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