Frenzy Touched My Bone


See my new bone? I was all excited to have something to chew on when Dad brought it home yesterday. It smelled soooo good!

While Mom was pulling the packaging off Frenzy (like always) had to come see what we were up to. He has an ear for this kind of stuff and will always come running, even if he was sleeping soundly at the time.

Then he smelled the bone.

He started meowing real loud and pawing at it trying to grab it from Mom. Mom didn’t let him have it but he kept yelling and screaming while I sat nicely waiting for Mom to give it over while rolling my eyes at Frenzy’s attempts.

When she finally gave me my bone, I went to chew it on my blanket. BUT Frenzy followed me and since he’s such a bully he pushed me out of the way and proceeded to gnaw on it in his typical Frenzy fashion.

I stood back and watched sadly as he violated my new bone and slobbered all over it, chewing and licking all the yummiest spots first.

It took a few minutes before Mom noticed that I wasn’t the one chewing my bone but when she finally did she took it away from Frenzy and gave it back to me. By then I was too disturbed with what I had just witnessed and didn’t want it anymore.

Frenzy always has to ruin the good stuff. *sigh*

After I pouted for a while I decided that I would tough it out and brave the Frenzy cooties and chew on my bone again. It was worth it because my new bone is delicious! Frenzy cooties and all. BOL!

2 thoughts on “Frenzy Touched My Bone”

    1. BOL! Ya, that’s Frenzy for ya! He likes to try and claim all of my stuff. But my bone still was yummy to chew on.

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