pm walk Jan28 2014

Today’s Adventures

collage am walk Jan28 2014

My morning walk was quite uneventful. No bunnies, no squirrels, no raccoon’s, no big birds (herons, geese), no seals, no deer, no otters, no nothing. Just a plain old walk.

But I’m not complaining because I love going on walks. Even if we don’t see anything exciting. I still get to sniff stuff and pee on a few trees too, which is essential for any good walk. Am I right?

collage am walk Jan28 2014 -2

My evening walk, however, was much more exciting because we went to the beach and I LOVE going to the beach! *big wiggles*

collage pm walk Jan28 2014

I had a great time splashing around in the ocean, digging up rocks and chasing sticks. One of my favourite things to do at the beach is pick up rocks that are under the water and bring them to the shore. My humans discourage me from doing it (they say it’s bad for my teeth) but I still usually manage to pick up a few before I get in trouble.

And yes, I know I’m weird.

collage pm walk Jan28 2014 -2

There was a lot of things to sniff and pee on and roll on. Unfortunately my humans pays pretty good attention and usually catch me before I roll on nice smelling stuff. But I always make sure to try. BOL!

collage pm walk Jan28 2014 -3

We found some funky looking rocks and a few cool sea shells. We also found a starfish that had washed up on the shore and looked to be barely alive. My humans threw it back in the water in hopes that it will be okay. *paws crossed*

collage pm walk Jan28 2014 -4

It was low tide so the beach was extra mucky but I don’t mind the mud at all. My humans don’t mind either.. Until we get home, that is. I’m not permitted in the house until all the mud is wiped off.

I don’t know what the big deal is. I like mud. Mud is pawsome.

Besides, don’t humans have a saying “a dirty dog is a happy dog?” So if that is indeed their logic, I should be allowed to stay dirty. Don’t you think?

collage pm walk Jan28 2014 -5

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