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How To Pawtograph A Photo

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How To Pawtograph A Photo: Step By Step

What You Will Need: A human (as this would be tricky to do yourself), newspaper, a piece of blank paper to practice on, non-toxic acrylic paint, a paintbrush and small bowl (to put paint in), a bowl of warm water and dry cloth and of course the photo you would like to pawtograph.

Step One: Get your human to spread out some newspaper on the floor where you will be doing the pawtographing.

If you’re like me and have fur-siblings, by now they should all be coming over to see what you and your human are up to.

Step Two: Stand on the newspaper and have your human paint the paw you will be using. Make sure to have the blank piece of paper ready.

This step usually takes a few extra minutes to get to at my house because all three of the kitties like to thoroughly inspect the pawtographing station before we start. 

Step Three: PRACTICE! Make sure to do a couple practice pawtographs FIRST so you get the hang of it. This way you and your human will know how much paint you need and how much pressure to apply (not much!) for the desired pawtograph look.

Do your best to ignore your fur-siblings as they stick their noses in everything. They are just attempting to make you mess up. Focus on your pawtograph.

Step Four: Pawtograph your photo. Once you and your human have your technique mastered (or close to) step on that photo but be careful!

If any of your fur-siblings are causing you serious distress request that your human remove them from the room for the remainder of the pawtograph session. Ravage is a professional and will sit and supervise (like he is the photos). Frenzy, on the other paw, would rather play in the paint and water bowl which usually lands him in a room all to himself for the remainder of the pawtograph session. 

Step Five: Clean up! Use the bowl of warm water to wash your paw and then wipe it off with the dry cloth. You should do this more than once and change the water in the bowl.

Watch your fur-siblings around the bowl of water. For some reason most humans get a bit stressed if it spills. 

And that’s it! Enjoy your newly pawtographed photo! 

Note: If you are planning to write on your pawtographed photo, I recommend that you do so first. Even after your pawtograph is dry it can still get scratched.

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