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The Coolest Cat I Know

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Ravage is my most favourite kitty ever. No offense to all the other kitties out there – my kitty siblings included – but Ravage is the coolest cat I know.

First of all he’s a Decepticon. I’ve never seen him transform or anything but it is still really cool. The most pawsome thing about him, though, is that he thinks he is more a dog than a cat and is often referred to as a “dog-cat” by our humans (notice it is opposite of cat-dog which is what I am).

When our humans adopted Ravage at eight weeks old (long before I was born) Mom was working for the dark side as a pet groomer full time and so she would take Ravage to work with her every day. That’s why he thinks he’s a dog. He used to hang out with a dozen or more of us every day. BOL!

And so when I first met Ravage he strutted right up to me and tried to sniff my face and I ran away with all my hair standing up. I think Ravage was a little offended because he turned and walked away and left me “alone” for the rest of that first night.. Well, kind of. He didn’t try and confront me again, instead he just watched me from a distance. Which, I will admit was a little creepy.

The photo below (top right) was how my entire first night was spent. Can you see Ravage’s two yellow eyes in the black above my head? I slept on my bed while Ravage stared at me. All night long. It was a little unnerving at first how Ravage would follow me around and watch me, but after a few days I started to realize that he just wanted to play and we turned in to best friends.

collage darko ravage 1

Ravage and I have always ate our meals together and to this day if Ravage doesn’t get fed at the same time as me and in the same room I won’t usually eat (there has been the odd exception but not very often).

Ya, I know. I’m a bit weird.

collage darko ravage 2

Ravage and I love to play. One of our favourite games is racing around the house at maximum warp after each other. He also loves to tackle me and chew on my neck and face, usually while drooling.

Humans and cats say that dogs drool but the worst drooler I know is Ravage. Sometimes even I don’t want his snuggles because he’s covered from head to paws and it’s just gross. And that’s pretty bad. BOL!

But don’t worry, I always get him back. I nibble on his face and neck and clean his fur, making him all gross and slobbery. Drool for drool. I think that is fair. Don’t you? Ravage seems to think it’s a fair trade so I’ll just keep rolling with it.

When Ravage and I aren’t racing around the house together or being gross and slobbering on each other we can still usually be found just hanging out. We are besties. *wiggles*

My big bro Ravage is the coolest cat I know.

darko ravage

4 thoughts on “The Coolest Cat I Know”

  1. It is great to hear about your friendship with Ravage. I once had a tabby named Tizzy. He preferred to hang out with the dogs….in their yard, in the dog house, in their dog beds in the house. He had them all very well trained and they loved him very much.

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