collage baby darko 4

Can you find me in the photos? I am the handsomest one. At least that’s what my humans tell me… *wink wink*

I was from a littler of nine pups. Six boys and three girls. We were an accident, but it’s okay because we were a good accident and we all found good homes. My family can’t imagine what it would be like without me and neither can I.

I don’t get to see many of my litter mates very often with the exception of Logan. My Dad’s brother adopted him so we get to hang out and play a lot and it’s pawsome!

collage baby darko 1

I was adopted at eight weeks old and brought to my forever home to live with my two humans and three kitty siblings. It was here that I was raised to be a cat-dog, trained in the ways of the feline by Ravage, Deunan and Frenzy.

But my humans made sure I never forgot I was a dog. By ten weeks old I was attending doggie daycare almost every day with Mom and would always go for lots of play dates to see my humans friends and families dogs.

collage baby darko 3

For the longest time my huge ears couldn’t decide if they wanted to stand up or flop over. My left ear stood up first but once they were both standing straight my right one has always stood better and I blame that on my humans.

Mom wanted my ears to stand up and Dad wanted them to be floppy. So of course I had to please them both by having one that stands straight up all the time and another that flops over once in a while.

*shakes head* What us dogs do for our humans. BOL!

collage baby darko 2

Yep. I had a barkin’ awesome puppyhood. Still am.

Humans say I’m supposed to be an adult dog now but I’ll always be a little pup at heart. I love being silly and pretending I’m a cat and I still consider myself a lap dog even though I’ve kind of out grown that stage. Luckily, my humans don’t usually mind.. much. BOL!

You may think I’m a bit spoiled but the truth is I’m just really REALLY loved. *wiggles*

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