The Cinnamon Bun That Got Away

collage frenzy cinnamon bun

I had it all planned. The timing would have been purrfect..***tail twitch***

See me in the big photo? I was being all Mr. Cool pretending I wasn’t interested in the cinnamon bun and to be fair, it actually wasn’t the cinnamon bun that I wanted. At least, not entirely. ***tail twitch***

You see, I used to be really bad around food (like REALLY bad.. I am considered an angel now and it’s pawsome.. MOL!) and so Mom always likes to test me, but this time she had her camera ready.

As she turned her head I went for it! THAT ICING IS MINE!!! Or it could have been if Mom wasn’t paying attention. She even managed to snap a few photos so she could black mail me but since I’m confessing she’s got nothing! MOL!

I did manage to get a tiny drop of icing on my paw (which I enjoyed) but I will have to do better next time. If I could be a super hero I would pick Flash. Then Mom would never catch me and I could have all the food I want. ***mischievous purrs***

I will get you, cinnamon bun. Your icing will be mine. One day…. ***tail twitch***

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