logan darko pipers Jan 25 2014

My Adventure With Logan

collage darko and logan pipers Jan 25 2014

My blood brother Logan and I went on a barkin’ awesome adventure today! *tired wiggles* We raced and wrestled along the beach, chased and chewed a few big sticks and went for a dip in the ocean. It was cold but we didn’t mind. You can’t keep us water loving dogs out of water! Unless it has soap in it, that is. BOL!

This is how Logan and I carry big sticks. Team work! *high paw*

collage logan darko sharing pipers Jan 25 2014

After we had our fun on the beach we went for a walk in the spooky fog. It was super foggy today and by the time we left the beach we could barely see in front of us. It almost felt like we were in a scary movie!

trees in fog pipers Jan 25 2014

During our adventure we saw a heron and three seals but the seals swam by too fast so we didn’t get any pictures of them. But Dad did manage to snap a few of the heron before it flew away. It was one big bird!

collage heron pipers Jan 25 2014

Logan chewing on one of the big sticks we found.

logan pipers Jan 25 2014

Me ripping apart some bark I found. It’s so much fun to shred!

darko pipers Jan 25 2014

It was a pawsome adventure and I look forward to our next one together!

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