I’m Back, Baby!


I’m back, baby! ***big wiggles***

It’s true! I got back on my Facebutt page tonight!! I was so excited I did crazy zoomies around the house with Ravage! BOL! We have come to the conclusion that Facebutt does not like us very much and was just being difficult. Mom had searched all over the internet for solutions, tried everything that had been suggested to her and still nothing worked.

But luckily, thanks one of my pawsome Auntie’s we are back and Facebutt will have to tolerate us once again! ***loud excited barks*** I am one happy pup!

6 thoughts on “I’m Back, Baby!”

    1. Hi Casey!! Thanks for visiting my new blog! I’m really happy to be back on Facebutt too! Missed you and all my friends a lot!

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