Human Beds Are For Dogs


That’s right my furry friends. Human beds aren’t really for humans at all. Ravage, Deunan and I can testify to that. Between the four of us, there’s not much room for our two humans. They usually end up squished along the edge with barely any blankets.

I don’t know why they keep insisting on sleeping with me and the kitties but they do. I haveĀ  repeatedly reminded them that there are two perfectly comfortable dog beds by the fireplace that could easily be moved beside the bed if they really wanted to sleep in the same room but for some reason they keep coming back to my bed and attempting to crawl under the blankets.

I always make sure to get there first so I can get the best spot on the pillows but every night when I’m almost asleep my humans come in to the room and crawl under the covers attempting to push me out. The nerve.

So off I go again to claim the best spot on the bed. Hopefully I’ll get to keep it this time. Goodnight!

4 thoughts on “Human Beds Are For Dogs”

    1. BOL! Exactly! I don’t understand why humans keep trying to convince us that it’s actually for them. We know better. *wink wink*

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