Facebutt Did It Again


Hello World!

So, guess what? Yep. Facebutt did it again. That’s why I am pouting on my chair. ***long sad sigh*** I am now locked out of my NEW Facebutt page because Mom’s new account that she created JUST to report the problem with her last account has just been deactivated. And just like last time it was WITHOUT ANY WARNING. And NONE of our information is “fake” like Facebutt seems to think. Mom is real. I am real. ***shakes head*** Apparently Facebutt really has it out for Mom and I. I don’t understand why but I guess I’m just not meant to have a Facebutt page.

Mom thinks that Facebutt must have just received her message about our problem and that instead of replying to it and helping us they deactivated her new account too. What a bunch of jerks. Is it because they’re lazy and don’t want to help us fix THEIR problem? Is it because they hate me? Why are they doing this? We weren’t doing anything unusual. We were being careful with posting and making sure to ad a comment to any photos we shared and not make too many hearts or smiley faces as apparently that’s unacceptable too.

We used to post A LOT and have never had this problem until we started sharing photos of animals looking for new homes. What’s up with that? So I really don’t know what Facebutt’s problem is. But I do know that I am going to miss all my pawsome Facebutt friends and I really REALLY hope that they visit me here on my new blog. I will be here every day. I promise. And so will my kitties. So please drop in and say hi from time to time.

Love you all!! ***sad wiggles***

18 thoughts on “Facebutt Did It Again”

  1. I’m so sorry Darko :( Roro and I sure hope your acct is unlocked! We bookmarked this blog though so we can keep in touch! Love you <3

  2. I am so sorry this keeps happening to you, praying this all gets worked out. I booked marked your blog so I can keep up to date. Hugs to you ♥

  3. We iz soooo sad that thiz happened again :( We don’t understand why they iz doing this to our sweet Darko!!! We lovez youz and miss youz on youz pagez. We promise to drop in and check on youz and da kittiez on here!! We need our Darko fix!! OXOXO <3

    1. Guess what Sydney? I got back on my page!! I am so excited!! And thanks for checking in on me here! That is so pawsome of you! *wiggles*

  4. Apparently Darko, I was reading on Ellie Mae’s page that there is a lot of like pages being banned for sharing dogs looking for homes, some new rule, I’ll share it on to the three amigos page so Frenzy can read it and tell you, It’s a shame Frenzy wasn’t a admin on your page as well !

    1. Really..? That is sad. Facebutt is a social network and we should be allowed to share photos. Especially ones of animals looking for new homes. I will visit your page and read that. Thanks for the information. Oh, and Mom made Frenzy and Admin now so we should be good if it happens again. *wiggles*

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