walk in fog Jan 26 2014

A Walk In The Fog

collage am walk Jan 26 2014

It was still really foggy this morning when I went for my walk and looks like it will probably be foggy all day long. But that’s okay. I don’t mind the fog. The air always smells extra nice when it is foggy out. *wiggles nose and sniffs air* Yep! Smells good.

collage am walk Jan 26 2014 -2

It was a nice morning walk. And of course I had to check on my squirrel tree but there wasn’t any in it today. Maybe next time. I did see some bunnies though! *excited wiggles* There are a lot of bunnies around my place and I always try and play with them but they just keep running away from me when I get too close. I don’t blame them though, I’m probably scary looking to them. Maybe if I got my paws on a shrink-ray and made myself small like them they’d play with me……. Hmmm…. I will have to look in to that. *wink wink*

6 thoughts on “A Walk In The Fog”

  1. Darko those picturez of youz in the fog are just breathtaking <3 By the way….we waz trying to picture youz shrunk tiny…mol :D Love youz <3

    1. *blushes* Thanks! I’m glad you liked the photos. Would I look funny tiny? I think it’d be okay. It would have to temporary though. I don’t think I’d want to be tiny all the time. BOL!

    1. Yep, it sure was chilly out! We even had a bunch of frost which we don’t get very often. BRRRR!! But the air sure smelled nice!

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