facebutt can eat my poop

Facebutt Can Eat My Poop

facebutt can eat my poop

I am just an ordinary dog who loves to be social and help other animals in need. I had/have a Facebutt page titled Darko the Canaan Mutt which I would post on every day (since Mom and I made the page in May 2013) with pictures and updates on my adventures with my fur-friends and kitty siblings. It was fun, I had lots of pawsome friends (two and four legged) and it was something that Mom and I both looked forward to every day. I looked forward to the extra attention I would get and Mom looked forward to all the pawsome photos of my furry friends as she LOVES animals.

But a few days ago (Monday, January 20th) Mom and I were sharing photos of cats and dogs looking for new homes on our community page Help Them And Be Their Voice when suddenly without any warning we were kicked off, told Mom’s account was fake and – well.. it’s been a fight ever since. Facebutt won’t let Mom back on (yet.. cross your paws for us that they do soon) which means that I’m unable to get on my page too. Mom has tried everything but nothing has worked, she even sent Facebutt a big long message.

So, Mom and I decided to start this blog. This way we will always get to share photos and posts of my adventures regardless of how many times we are kicked off Facebutt for trying to help other animals. We did, however, make me a new Facebutt page titled Darth Darko so I can still visit all my fur-friends that we miss so much and continue sharing photos of animals in need. See me in my photo? I’m sticking my tongue out at Facebutt. They can’t keep this Canaan Dog down!

And that is my story on how I became a blog dog. Facebutt can eat my poop! Seriously.

4 thoughts on “Facebutt Can Eat My Poop”

  1. It is very sad to hear what Fb does, another good dog Rafa, also had to start up a new page, this is a good idea to have a blog, just discovered your page by our friend Sebastian Cabot, my dog also has a page I started in Oct 2013 he is a Great Dane Rescue with epilepsy.

    Looking forward to your adventures, just love your name

    Auntie Helen xx

    1. Hello! Thanks for coming by to check out my new blog! That is so pawsome of Sebastian to send you my way. Yes, it is not nice of Facebutt. We thought that a social network wouldn’t mind us being social and sharing. Oh well. But I am glad you found us! Your pup sounds beautiful. I hope you enjoy my adventures.

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